28+ years on the market
70+ permanent employees
30+ external coworkers
EPC projects
Engineering, project management
Chemical industry
Power engineering
Hydrogen technologies

Foundations for the company were laid in the 70s of last century, when the technological restructuring of the former Chemical factory in Záluží terminated fuel production based on the chemical processing of coal and led to extensive construction of petrochemical production facilities. To ensure these investments the former Investment department was branched off and substantially extended into the section of CEO deputy for construction and development. This section was transformed into the Cheminvest division during changes in the organizational structure of CHEMOPETROL, a.s. in 1993.

CHEMINVEST s.r.o. was established in 1995 by outsourcing the Cheminvest division from Chemopetrol Group a.s. in the scope of restructuring. The company was established through the Deed of Association on July 31st, 1995,
concluded by and between Chemopetrol Group a.s. and CHEMINVEST s.r.o. Until 2000, it had been a subsidiary of CHEMOPETROL, a.s., which was consequently privatized.

At the present time, the company is an independent legal entity primarily offering its customers engineering, construction and consultancy services including designing works in the sphere of chemical and refinery industry, energy sector, long-distance pipeline, ecological facilities, traffic constructions, industrial zones as well as the building industry in general.

The company is a holder of respective trade licenses and certificates on the basis of which the company performs the abovementioned services.

Company establishment
Privatization of the company
New owners entered the company
Qualified investor fund Hydrogen1, international hydrogen player, entered the company



List of authorizations and certificates of ČKAIT (Czech chamber of certified engineers and technicians active in construction), authorized technicians and engineers for:

Process equipment

Water management and landscape engineering

Civil constructions

Traffic constructions

Bridges and civil structures

Authorization for execution of building supervisions – road constructions (Road and Motorway Directorate):

Level II and expertise group – pipes

Level III and expertise group – concrete bridge structures, others and walls

Level II and expertise group – concrete bridge structures, others and walls

Level III and expertise group – roads (including culverts)

CPC – Certificate of professional competence for activities of the health and safety coordinator

Certificate – Decree No. 50/1978 Coll . on professional competence in electrical engineering

Certificate for revision and test of operated pressure equipment



CHEMINVEST, s.r.o. continues long-term experience and expertise of Chemopetrol, a. s. and offers its clients complex services of design, delivery and construction of large industrial works.

Scope of business activities of CHEMINVEST, s.r.o. covers, in particular, engineering, contracting and consulting services including designing activities in the field of chemical, refinery and power industries, long-distance piping, ecological facilities, transportation engineering, industrial zones and building industry in general.

Vision of the company is to establish itself as a significant supplier of turn-key (EPC) projects for local and international building development.

Objective of the company is ongoing increase in quality of rendered services. This goal is accomplished by unrelieved improvement of the integrated management system and internal processes within the company as well as by improvement of the ability to react on market development and changes of the environment.


The Quality management system has been implemented in order to fulfil the company´s obligations in the field of quality assurance pursuant to requirements of ISO 9001.

We consider satisfaction of our customers as the base for successful development of our business activities. We support open atmosphere in communication among the workers that enables us to utilize and develop their expert potential, whereby contributing to achieving high quality of services.

Through measurement and management of the main processes, the system assures persisting, stable and high quality of services expected by our clients. In this way we forestall ineffective increase of costs and loss of client´s satisfaction. We are actively seeking opportunities for improvement and flexibly projecting the changes into our system.


The company is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and responsibility to assure and improve the occupational health and safety system. All our activities have been and are carried out in compliance with the environmental protection and the occupational health and safety principles.

To prove our obligation towards this responsibility we have decided to certify our company pursuant to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

In compliance with these standards, we use only such tools or instruments, equipment and working materials that comply with the respective requirements for environmental protection and requirements for occupational health and safety.

We are mindful of increasing the environmental awareness and awareness in the area of occupational health and safety of all employees. We apply preventive measures what concerns environmental protection and material damage as well as preventive measures in terms of industrial accident reduction, reduction of health hazards associated with the work and related to industrial/occupational diseases. We are building positive working environment with clearly defined authorities and responsibilities.

We commit ourselves to systematic improvement in the field of environment and occupational health and safety.

Environmental management systems (EMS) policy

Our objective is to decrease the amount of generated waste; efficient utilization and decrease of raw material and utilities consumption by using energy saving products and services.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) management policy

Our objective is to achieve zero accident and injury rate.