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Chemical Industry

  • Intensification of petrochemical production plants (Steam Cracker revamp, Erection of PE II production plant, Erection of PP production plant, Erection of Petrochemical off-sites) (USD 280.000 thousand); Chemopetrol
  • Erection of Air Separation Unit ASU II (USD 15.600 thousand); Chemopetrol / Air Products
  • Replacement of exchangers E 603 A/B (USD 364.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Replacement of cooling piston-type compressors of C4 fraction (USD 1.740 thousand); Unipetrol RPA
  • Renewal of production of ammonia liquor from treated condensate (USD 224.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • New compressor of intermediate pressure air in bldg. 1421 (USD 259.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Reconstruction of columns C401 / C 402 of line A, POX production plant (USD 280.000); Chemopetrol
  • Erection of a new ethyl-benzene production plant EB II – OSBL (USD 1.520 thousand); Chemopetrol
  • Reconstruction of waste product evaporator ASU I (USD 53.000); Air Products
  • Hydrogen mixture supply from POX production plant to PSA (USD 464.000); Chemopetrol
  • Hydrogen loading to cylinder trucks (USD 100.000); Chemopetrol / Air Products

Traffic Constructions

  • Highway D8, section 807 Ústí n/L – state borders (USD 416.000 thousand); Road and Motorway Directorate, Ministry of Transport
  • OK Libochovice II/246 (USD 148.000); Regional Authority of the Ústí region
  • R7 MÚK Vysočany – MÚK Droužkovice (USD 10.000 thousand); Road and Motorway Directorate – section Chomutov
  • R7 Sulec – bypass road (USD 29.600 thousand); Road and Motorway Directorate – section Chomutov

Long Distance Pipeline Constructions

  • Crude Oil pipeline Ingolstadt – Kralupy – Litvínov (USD 120.000 thousand); MERO ČR
  • Reconstruction of Druzhba crude oil pipeline (USD 8.800 thousand); MERO ČR
  • Relocation of ethyl-benzene long-distance pipeline (USD 8.000 thousand); Kaučuk Kralupy
  • Modernization of ethyl-benzene long-distance pipeline (USD 20.000 thousand); Chemopetrol

Power Engineering

  • Feasibility study for New energy source at steam cracker unit (USD 220.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Replacement of boiler gas burner systems T700 (USD 78.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Feasibility study for Erection of turbo generators TG15 and TG16 at T700 (USD 184.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Completion of distribution equipment for ASU II power supply – Synchrochecks (USD 28.000); Chemopetrol
  • Preparation and combustion of bio-fuels at heat station T700 (USD 9.600 thousand); Chemopetrol

Water Constructions

  • Segregation of waste water from storm water sewer – branch sewers of internal objects within the Chempark Záluží premises (USD 2.544 thousand); Unipetrol RPA
  • Segregation of waste water from storm water sewer – intensification of the main sewer and the gravitational sewer to end treatment (USD 745.000);  Unipetrol RPA
  • Analysers for measurement of softening filter residual hardness at water treatment plant T700 (USD 32.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Reconstruction of mechanical pre-cleaning of waste water (USD 500.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Optimization of waste water pre-cleaning, block 22 (USD 138.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Backup fresh water pipeline of water treatment plant T700 (USD 50.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Replacement of pump discharge valves at water reservoir Jezerní vodárna (USD 17.200); Unipetrol RPA

  • Turbidimeter for measurement of leaking suspensions and sludge, and detector of oil products
    (USD 38.400); Unipetrol RPA
  • Treatment of waste water from POX production plant (USD 420.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Sludge water disposal from the petrochemical water station to the mechanical waste water treatment facility (USD 92.000); Unipetrol RPA


  • Study of ensuring dissolved oxygen in the river Bilina downstream the outfall objects (USD 118.000); Unipetrol RPA
  • Reconstruction of urea production plant / remedy of old ecological burdens (USD 1.546 thousand); Chemopetrol / Stamicarbon
  • Revamp T 700 ( USD 350.000 thousand ); Unipetrol RPA